Bulk storage tanks full and no container or vessel space? Flexitank storage is a solution

The rippling effects of the global container shortage are being felt everywhere. But most notably, when we the consumer try to make a purchase.  Taking a closer look at the problem, it’s an issue that starts way beyond making sure the shelves are stocked.  It’s a consequence of having no containers.

At the very beginning of the supply chain is the producer.  The person or company who generates the raw materials needed to create consumer ready items.  If a producer has raw material produced, but no container to put it into, getting the cargo to port or the global shipping crisis is irrelevant, as they can’t even load the product to move it.

Our global bulk product producing customers are feeling this strain.  The challenges their facing right now:

  1. Full bulk storage tanks / silos
  2. Low trucking capacity
  3. Sporadic container availability and vessel space
  4. Congestion at offloading site

The container shortage creates a knock on effect for them.  No containers, means they can’t unload their bulk storage tanks, and if they can’t do that, they need to slow or halt production.  They can’t produce materials if they have nowhere to put them. So the first step in the battle to get goods to the shelves, is to get the raw materials produced and ready to transport.

Flexitank storage to keep the production line moving
One answer to the problem is flexitank storage.  Whatever you produce, as long as it is non-hazardous and you have the footprint available, storage in flexitanks is a solution.

Hillebrand flexitanks can be stored in or out of a container. The most commonly requested is our 24cbm flexitank for 20ft container storage. Having said that, when addressing the challenges set out above, our solution is completely bespoke to the producer we are working with.  We need to take into consideration on-site footprint available, the product and off-site location if on-site storage isn’t viable.  We have loads of options, even 29,000 liter flexitanks, but that’s of no use if you can’t physically place it somewhere suitable. Hence, the tailored approach.

Why work with Hillebrand? We’ve a globally integrated network of depots, transport partners and hubs that can support the use of flexitanks as a viable storage solution. 


Flexitank storage benefits both ends of the supply chain
In this current container crisis, flexitank storage can also help out the receiver.  Upon arrival, cross-pumping product into a flexitank for storage on-site, can get the delivering container discharged and moving again.  A really great option to avoid demurrage and detention charges.

What you need to know about our flexitanks for storage:

  • Manufactured in an FSSC22000 certified environment
  • Food grade standard according to Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI)
  • Zero contamination risk, as they are single use
  • Heating options available
  • Does not require vent  to discharge
  • Recyclable


Take a moment to have a conversation with someone from our bulk logistics team, if you are affected by any of the challenges above.  There really is a flexitank storage solution we can build for you. Whether you already ship in flexitanks, IBCs/totes, drums or kegs, flexitank storage is a solution for anyone manufacturing bulk materials.

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