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Trade routes and what to expect

As world trade enters its annual peak season, the transport of goods is not surprisingly looking incredibly difficult.  Consumer spend takes a massive up turn during this period and the shelves are already looking less than full.  Shoppers this year, may have to turn to their second or even third choices, as the global shipping crisis and container shortages impact the holiday ahead. 


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Asia to North America
Even with the US government planning 24/7 hour working at the ports to ease congestion, it would still require the same commitment from other logistics parties like truckers to make this work. We see ocean freight rate  increases slowing down but capacity is frightfully low and lead times still unpredictable.


North America to Asia
Going back the other way, Carriers are still favoring the return of their empty containers, rather than moving cargo.  Metaphor -  If capacity on this trade lane was a cookie, you'd be lucky to get a crumb right now!



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