Set sail with our ocean freight logistics

Cost and carbon efficient

Choose a service to suit your need and budget. Our multi-carrier shipping policy means vessel space is always available to you from any port.  Sea freight is a cost and carbon efficient mode of transport and ideal for any volume of cargo. 

Streamlined customs clearance

Cross borders easily. We'll help you to gather the right documentation and ensure there are no hold-ups at border control. Products containing alcohol, like beverages, are subject to taxes and duties. Our thorough knowledge in global and local legislation and regulation enables us to process your goods quickly and correctly through customs. 

Intelligent container choices

Choose a container that meets your needs.  Dry containers, insulated containers and refrigerated containers offer different levels of protection and it is so important to choose the right one, especially when shipping temperature-sensitive products like wines and dairy.

Tracking and logistics support

Stay informed of your cargo’s whereabouts through myHillebrand, track your shipment in real time, check on-time arrival information, weather conditions and more. You can even calculate your carbon footprint for every shipment at each leg of the journey.


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