More than just a keg lease

Lease to own kegs as your business expands

Building or expanding your brewery requires wise financial decisions, like how you will source your kegs. KegFleet is a keg leasing program that protects your cash flow, provides you with new custom-branded high-quality kegs and includes KegID tracking at no extra charge. We'll help you determine the right size of fleet so that you can focus on brewing the beer to fill them.

Lease kegs with intelligent tracking

A KegFleet lease is so much more than just a lease. It gives brewery owners the option to expand their keg inventory without tying up valuable capital funds. So brewers can lease-to-own custom branded quality kegs. The kegs are equipped with laser-etched scan codes, ready to use KegID keg tracking (included at no extra charge) so you can manage the contents, location and even maintenance of the keg fleet.

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KegFleet. Leasing the smart way

Skillfully crafted kegs produced by one of our certified keg manufacturers, have laser-etched scannable codes for use with KegID - intelligent tracking at no extra charge.

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